Natural treatments have aroused my interest for a long time. My go-to cleaning products are bleach and Lysol!

My 14-year-old daughter’s shoes and feet stank all the time. Even after only a few days in new shoes, they would stink! My husband’s work boots don’t even have the same odor as her workout shoes.

All of the regular odor-control methods were employed. I double-checked that she was wearing clean cotton socks and that her feet were clean. I made her use Gold Bond powder every time she wore her shoes. After she removed her shoes, I made her spray the insides with Lysol. Regardless, the odor was overwhelming!

So, drastic measures are required in difficult circumstances, right? I put my reservations on hold and ordered this spray. I bought her a new pair of Adidas sneakers and socks. She sprays her socks and shoes with deodorant before putting them on. She likes it because the spray is pleasant to the touch and has a pleasant fragrance. However, it smells better than Lysol.

As a result of this, this stuff actually works! It’s been almost a month and there is still NO SMELL! Her shoes and feet stank to high heaven! I am persuaded!